Koala Float

This unusual alcoholic beverage comes from my personal,favorite ,Hawaiian island of Oahu,from the Turtle Bay Hilton and country club in Oahu.Its simple and easy to make and is certain to impress your guests during the holiday season

Serves 2

4 cups ice

3/4 cup canned sweetened coconut cream

6 tablespoons coffee liqueur

6 tablespoons Irish cream liqueur

Chocolate shavings

Blend first 4 ingredients in blender until smooth. Pour into 2 tall glasses. Sprinkle with chocolate and serve.


Hard Rock Cafe Orange Freeze

Todd Wilber found a way to clone chain restaurant recipes. I have decided to introduce you to some my family simply love. There is nothing more refreshing than this orange freeze, served as dessert or beverage.

2 cups orange sherbet or sorbet

1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice

1/4 cup milk

1 spring of fresh spearmint

Put the sherbet ,juice and milk in a blender and blend for 15 seconds or just until all the sherbet is smooth.

Pour the orange freeze into a tall ,chilled glass. Place a sprig of fresh spearmint in the top and serve immediately.


On a glorious trip to Hawaii my husband and I enjoyed fantastic cocktails on the beach, but a particularly favorite one was the Chi Chi, served in the afternoon while relaxing at the beach!!sigh, paradise!! Use unsweetened pineapple juice and good quality coconut cream. Best served in a large goblet.


45 ml vodka

15 ml Cointreau

30 ml coconut cream

120 ml pineapple juice

fresh pineapple slice

maraschino cherry

Place ice,vodka,cointreau,coconut cream and pineapple juice in a shaker; shake to mix. Strain into a serving glass and garnish with a pineapple and cherry.

Thai iced coffee

This refreshing coffee is simply put, refreshing. It is so simple to make and believe me your guests will be impressed by how good it looks too.

serves 12

3/4 cup of dark roast coffee beans

5-6 cardamon pods, available in Asian markets

4 1/2 cups water, to brew

1/2 cup-3/4 of a cup sweetened condensed milk

crushed ice

1 tablespoon sugar mixed with 2 finely ground cardamonn pod, optional

In a coffee grinder combine the coffee beans with the cardamon pods till finely ground.

Brew in a drip coffee maker as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Transfer to a serving jug. Cool and then refriderate for 2 to 24 hours.

Devide the condensed milk between 12 cups. Top gently with the coffee, careful not to disturb the bottom milk layer.

Sprinkle on the cardamon sugar, serve . Stir prior to drinking.